Grace Christian School is a member of Christian Schools International (CSI).  Our association with CSI reinforces the common beliefs and goals that we share.
  • We believe that Christian education is firmly rooted in God’s Word and God’s world.
  • Christian Schools International proclaims that our world belongs to God.
  • We believe that faith must be imbedded in every aspect of curriculum, instruction, and program.
  • In our schools, faith and learning are woven together as an inseparable web.
  • We have no fear of questions, inquiry, and challenges to what we believe. Instead, our schools invite the tough questions and the challenges, as iron sharpens iron, because God is our rock and his Word is our guide.
  • Christian Schools International, humbly but unashamedly, understands worldview.
Christian Schools International was established in 1920 and supports Christian school teachers who want Bible-based textbooks for their classrooms, principals and school administrators investigating employee benefit plans, Christian school board members seeking information about governance, and parents looking for a Christian school for their children.

Christian Schools International's mission is to advance Christian education and to support schools in their task of teaching students to know God and his world and to glorify him through obedient service.

The organization includes nearly 500 Christian schools in the United States and Canada, which employ approximately 10,000 teachers and enroll 100,000 students.


  • The things I learned at Grace, both inside and outside the classroom, benefited me all the way through high school and into college.
    Connor, former student
  • My girls got a wonderful education and enjoyed the individual attention in the small multi-grade classes.
    Georgia, parent of former students
  • One of my favorite parts, aside from academia, was the camaraderie with the students and parents.
    Alison, former student
  • Because of the outstanding academic preparation... our students had a huge academic advantage over their peers when they entered high school.
    Parent of three graduates
  • My grandson is learning so much and far above the curve of other schools.
    Kathy, grandparent of a current student
  • The respect for authority and work ethics promoted at this school, coupled with biblical principles and training are reasons that I would recommend GCS...
    Brian, parent of former students
  • Grace Christian has been an ideal learning environment for our daughter.
    Becky, parent of a former student
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