Grace Christian School is a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church in San Jose, and is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered formal education for the children of both our church families and those within the Christian community at large.  Our mission is to be that support that will empower these families and parents to train and instruct their children, preparing them for effective and godly service, and doing so in a learning environment that exalts the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

photo-mission-historyWe are just the stepping stone to see our students become leaders who excel in whatever profession or trades they may choose.  May the Lord of their class room at Grace Christian School be the Lord of their lives as they grow into responsible adults.  Our trust is that God’s hand will touch the hearts of all our students.

“Train up a child in the way he should go:
And when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

Our History

Grace Christian School began in 1988 in order to provide a Christ-centered education for the children of Covenant Presbyterian Church.  Once started, it soon became apparent that other families outside the congregation wanted the kind of education that Grace Christian School provided.  Students have been accepted from many backgrounds, with mutual agreement to the goals and methods of Grace Christian School.  Students from a wide variety of South Bay churches have attended Grace Christian School.  Enrollment is open to families in which one parent or guardian is an active member in good standing with an evangelical church.

The founders of Grace Christian School were motivated by Scripture and the key doctrines of the Christian faith which are summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith.  The men who wrote the confession believed that all of life belongs to God, and can only be understood properly and lived successfully in the light of the Bible which He has given us.  This same belief is seen throughout the curriculum and teaching at Grace Christian School.

Covenant Presbyterian Church in San Jose sponsors Grace Christian School by providing classrooms, financial support, and general oversight.


  • The things I learned at Grace, both inside and outside the classroom, benefited me all the way through high school and into college.
    Connor, former student
  • My girls got a wonderful education and enjoyed the individual attention in the small multi-grade classes.
    Georgia, parent of former students
  • One of my favorite parts, aside from academia, was the camaraderie with the students and parents.
    Alison, former student
  • Because of the outstanding academic preparation... our students had a huge academic advantage over their peers when they entered high school.
    Parent of three graduates
  • My grandson is learning so much and far above the curve of other schools.
    Kathy, grandparent of a current student
  • The respect for authority and work ethics promoted at this school, coupled with biblical principles and training are reasons that I would recommend GCS...
    Brian, parent of former students
  • Grace Christian has been an ideal learning environment for our daughter.
    Becky, parent of a former student
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