Some of the common questions we receive are included below.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions you have.

  • Is there a dress code? +

    The simple answer is no, we don’t have a formal code, but rather a policy of modest attire.  With the activities enjoyed at recess and PE, comfortable and age appropriate clothing is the standard.
  • Are there many after school activities or field trips? +

    Grace Christian School has typically two field trips a school year. These are geared to local events that would never require an overnight stay. Each year will have different trips per the discretion of our teacher. Some special activities are scheduled for our students as part of their school day. One recent exhibition featured a speech club demonstrating their oratorical skills.
  • What is the school’s position on discipline? +

    There is a need and benefit to conducting an orderly classroom, especially with multiple grades. Respect is the positive side of discipline, and all students are expected to show respect for not only their teacher, but also their peers. When there is behavior that needs correction, a time out or loss of privilege is issued. There is rarely a need for additional input from the teacher. (Our students are by most measures, very well behaved.) Any challenges regarding discipline in the classroom are shared with parents or guardians to insure proper accountability.
  • Are there scholarships available? +

    While it varies from year to year, there are scholarships open to members of Covenant OPC on a limited basis. Tuition assistance forms may be obtained from the Church office.
  • Do you offer day care either before or after school? +

    No, the school’s resources and staff are not able to provide this at this time.
  • Can I make on-line payments, or pay my tuition with credit cards? +

    Currently we accept only checks or cash for any payments.
  • Can I make a donation to the school? +

    Yes, we are grateful for donations that make even small improvements possible. All donations should be channeled through the administration of Covenant OPC church, with notations  “for Grace Christian School” –

    Covenant OPC
    2350 Leigh Ave
    San Jose, CA 95124
    Ph 408-377-2359
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  • The things I learned at Grace, both inside and outside the classroom, benefited me all the way through high school and into college.
    Connor, former student
  • My girls got a wonderful education and enjoyed the individual attention in the small multi-grade classes.
    Georgia, parent of former students
  • One of my favorite parts, aside from academia, was the camaraderie with the students and parents.
    Alison, former student
  • Because of the outstanding academic preparation... our students had a huge academic advantage over their peers when they entered high school.
    Parent of three graduates
  • My grandson is learning so much and far above the curve of other schools.
    Kathy, grandparent of a current student
  • The respect for authority and work ethics promoted at this school, coupled with biblical principles and training are reasons that I would recommend GCS...
    Brian, parent of former students
  • Grace Christian has been an ideal learning environment for our daughter.
    Becky, parent of a former student
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